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Best Fit Program

How do you know which program, Novice or Elite, is the best fit for your wrestler? 

That can be a tricky question as each parent and coach will see the wrestler differently.  The main elements Summit considers when determining programming for a wrestler are  skill, ability, intensity, maturity, drive, focus, and independence.  Take each of these into consideration when assessing your options.

Does it seem like your wrestler would fall somewhere in between? 

The best option that coaching staff will suggest when asked is to start in the Novice program as it's always more enjoyable to move a wrestler up as opposed to moving them down.

A great tool for deciding the best program for your wrestler is the USA Wrestling Core Curriculum found here:

An Elite wrestler would have nearly all the Folkstyle Level 1 items mastered and knowledge and understanding of Level 2. 

*Mastered means that if they are shown a move through instruction, they can demonstrate the move with minimal assistance.  All wrestlers will need fine tuning but they should already have the ability to actually complete the skill. 

General Progression of Summit Programs

Toilet trained to Kindergarten

First year wrestlers (K-6th grade) to experienced wrestlers wanting a slower paced, less intense training

Women's Club
K-12 female wrestlers of all abilities that want to train separate from males

K-12 grade wrestlers that demonstrate advanced skill, ability, maturity, intensity, drive and focus

High School
7th-12th grade wrestlers competing in the Minnesota State High School League through their hometown school district

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