Summit’s elite programs are designed to provide wrestlers with the experience and technical skills they can’t get within their home-club practices.  To participate individuals should be highly skilled, intense, mature, driven and focussed.  Wrestler's should have basic concepts and skills mastered prior to joining these programs.  If you are unsure if the elite programs are a good fit for your wrestler reach out to coach Faust at summitwrestlingacademy@gmail.com

Match Monday 
Match Monday provides your wrestler with that much-needed mat time, against competitive opponents that can be hard to find at your weekly round-robin tournaments. Wrestlers get at least 12 full-length matches each night, with each period lasting 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The wrestlers "officiate" their own matches while competing, providing them with the opportunity to gain further knowledge of the sport and develop problem-solving skills in many wrestling scenarios. Staff members are present to assist with situational training and give advice and direction, or provide encouraging comments, but the focus is on the wrestlers growing into self-sufficient, independent athletes.

Superior Technique Wednesday
Your wrestler will learn technique of the highest level taught by Summit coaching staff and guest clinicians that are current or past collegiate wrestlers.  This will be the same technique top performing high school and college wrestlers are using.   We don't practice until we do it right but until we can't do it wrong.  

Situation and Chain Wrestling Fridays
Chain wrestling and scrambling is what will separate your wrestler from the rest of the pack.  They will learn and practice both as Summit coaches teach situation specific technique to turn a takedown into a three point near fall or pin.  Your wrestler will learn to string several moves together from every position becoming hammers in the top position and making it impossible for their opponents to hold them down.


Coach Jules Doliscar will lead Sunday practices.