Summit’s Novice programs are designed to provide wrestlers with the experience and technical skills they can’t get within their home-club practices at a slightly slower pace than our Elite programs. 

Participants would benefit from these programs if they are lacking in any of the following areas:  skill, intensity, maturity, drive or focus.  Wrestler's should have an understanding of the rules and basic moves but have yet to master them.  If you are unsure if the Novice programs are a good fit for your wrestler reach out to coach Faust at

Novice Monday

Practices consist of mastering basic technique on the feet, top and bottom positions from which we will build to advanced technique. The wrestlers will drill moves not until they get it right but until they can't get it wrong!  After drilling will be live situations from the specific technique practiced that day and ending with conditioning.

Novice Wednesday

Practices will go more in depth of using basic and advanced technique to chain moves together becoming a more dynamic wrestler.  Following the technique portion is live wrestling, conditioning and mental preparation.