Summit’s Novice program is designed to provide wrestlers with the experience and technical skills they can’t get within their home-club practices at a slightly slower pace than our Elite programs. 

Participants would benefit from these programs if they are lacking in any of the following areas:  skill, intensity, maturity, drive or focus.  Wrestler's should have an understanding of the rules and basic moves but have yet to master them.  

Mondays, Wednesdays & Sundays- Practices are technique focussed with high repetition to develop muscle memory and mastering of skills.  Live wrestling will be limited to the end of each practice with the intention of using the specific skills and situations taught that day.  Strength training and conditioning will take place when time allows.

Program Duration
November 1 - March 27

Novice Program Options
Platinum Club: Three practices a week  $500 ($550 total if you make  monthly payments)
Gold Club: One* practice a week $275 ($325 total if you make  monthly payments)
*Practice selection must remain the same for the entire season

Practice Times
Monday & Wednesday- 4:40-5:55PM
Sunday- 1:10-2:40PM