High School

Stay ahead of the competition by adding to your training throughout the whole season!  The best wrestlers will never do the bare minimum and Summit is here to provide a top notch training program.  Sometimes high school practices aren't enough and high caliber partners are hard to find.  We will bring like minded, goal oriented wrestlers together in a facility like none other.

Practices will consist of high level technique, hard drilling, intense live wrestling and conditioning. 

FULL FACILITY ACCESS:  Not only do members get intense practices each week but we open our facility to those that may need an extra workout or manage their weight.  As long as the facility isn't booked for a private event, members can enter the facility to weight lift or use the cardio equipment.  Mat time is only available outside scheduled practices and private events.  Always check the calendar before heading to Summit.  *Individuals not following Summit expectations will lose this privilege and may be subject to loss of membership without refund.

Program Duration
November 5 - February 25

High School Program Fee
$170.00 (entire season)

Practice Times
Sunday- 5:00-6:45PM

6th-12th grades only. No exceptions.
Must have a MN/USA Wrestling membership for insurance purposes