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Match Monday

Match Monday provides your wrestler with that much-needed mat time, against competitive opponents that can be hard to find at your weekly round-robin tournaments. Wrestlers get 8 - 10 full-length matches each night, with each period lasting 1 minute and 30 seconds. If there is a pin, the wrestler is either rolled over to their stomach or put back on their feet for continued wrestling.

The wrestlers "officiate" their own matches while competing, providing them with the opportunity to gain further knowledge of the sport and develop problem-solving skills in many wrestling scenarios

Adult staff members are present to ensure wrestlers are maintaining appropriate sportsmanship, and to assist with situational training. Staff will give advice and direction, or provide encouraging comments, but the focus is on the wrestlers growing into self-sufficient, independent athletes.

Cost: $400.00

*Wrestlers must have a valid MN/USA membership to participate.